how much should cash fags worry about how their Alpha’s spend their tributes and taxes? Should they care if they are the funding source for an addiction? Or if the Alpha is a donor to organizations or causes that the fag doesn’t support. (There was a video of Northern Alpha talking about how he was supporting Trump with tributes from his fags).

Well, sad to say that cash Masters often waste much of what they’re given by cash fags. It’s just a pure lack of appreciation of the devotion faggots are showing to them, and these tributes are treated with about as much thought and dignity as a used Kleenex tissue. 

But that’s the price you pay when you (a) choose to tribute financially to any Man online, and (b) choose really shitty Men to whom to give your money. 

This is part of the reason why I’m very selective with the Men I choose to financially bless. I want to know that they are Men I would respect in real life, if they are wise and focused Men who treat what they are given with some amount of appreciation for the sacrifice of others. 

When it comes to Trump, I know there were some very stupid cash Masters who openly supported Orange Hitler. I appreciated this because it made identifying and blocking them so much easier. And if I had ever given money to an Alpha who then took money and gave it to someone like Trump, I would actively work against that Alpha to destroy his business in findom. 

So while I know the “correct” answer is that a faggot needs to just let that money go, I can’t. That’s why I’m not really a cash fag, I guess.

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