After many years of suppressing and not fully exploring and indulging my dominate tendencies I’ve recently broken through and started enjoying faggots.  I guess I’m a late bloomer.   Is it normal that I still tend to hold back so as not to offend or be really mean to a fag?  Because I really want to to fully use and rape fag throat without too much regard.   Also I talk really dirty and can’t help making fags be my “little girls”   There’s something about getting them to give up their masculinity and act and moan and wiggle like little sissies that makes make my cock want to rut.  is this common? I’m not actually bi but I do enjoy straight porn.   I just want to feminize fags with my feminizing tool. So far I’ve just starting finding fags and only had a few. Still looking for  a couple of really good ones who would appreciate my approach.   Any advice is appreciated.

Congratulations on finally letting go and expressing your natural need for dominance! It’s NEVER too late to become what you were born to be, Sir!
I think the primary thing Men need to remember about faggots is that we WANT to be treated as roughly as possible. Just as you have a need to dominate and pulverize pussy, we are born with a need to be dominated and pulverized by Alpha cock. That’s why the Hierarchical arrangement is such a perfect one. The more you let go and unleash your inner Beast, the more the faggot will become addicted to you and need to serve you. 
You allude to what comes next. The power of your cock is such that faggots become feminized when you utilize it the way nature intended. It cannot be avoided. So every time you hold back in the rutting of your faggots, the longer you deny them of fulfillment, and in the process, deny yourself.
Just view your faggots like they’re one of those carnival bells you ring by hitting a trigger with a hammer as hard as you can, Sir. Really ram them and choke them and breed them as often as you want. Rape them. They will fall into line in a way that will truly fulfill you and your burgeoning Alphahood! 

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