Why do straight alphas tend to be aggressive and like using fags and pussybois? When I was in high school I was friends with the straight, dom big cock alpha. He knew I had a tiny dick and told some girls about it. I tried to confront him about it. I learned not to confront and alpha if you’re a beta bitch boi. He kicked my ass and then pulled his cock out and slapped me with it and then shoved it down my throat. I actually got really aroused and realized then I was just a pussyfree beta boi.

I say it all the time: it’s all about POWER. In the case of heterosexual Males, they are in a tougher fight for dominance than gay Males, because they have to learn how be dominant enough to protect females and children in addition to the usual assaults. There are also MORE heterosexual Males, meaning that it’s tougher to become the “top dog” so to speak. 

I think that’s why we see heterosexual Males act out with more intensity. They want to leave no doubt about their authority and superiority. 

Fortunately, there are some blessings that come from straight Alpha aggression, namely, the initiation of faggots. It happened with me and my first Alpha, and it also happened to you. It also happened to people I’ve discussed here before, like Frat Fag. Their aggression unlocked the truth about ourselves. 

So I’m not upset by their behavior. In a way, I encourage it. The collateral damage caused by Alpha rage has been a fulfillment of a special, important kind.