Hi Sir….
my whole life I have felt that something is missing….I feel I was born to be owned as a possession by a man. 
I want to disappear from my life and serve a man in and out of bed …cook ..clean…collared …caged…
is this unhealthy to want to disappear from everyone I know? Is this even something I can find ? I am sure I am not the only person to feel this way…
thanks so much, boy in Vallarta 

Hello boy in Vallarta! Yes, this is very much a situation you can find. There are plenty of faggots living as owned possessions of Men (examples on this site include Masters Nick, Matt, and Jin owning live-in faggots) and also faggots serving as actual slaves to Men (look at the example of slave Tim on this site). The key to success is to become a faggot a Man would want to own. Develop your body and your mind for service. Hone your skills. Be very submissive and polite. Men will want to own you for sure.

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