my faggot is a melodramatic bitch. he thinks he’s my entire world like i should be thankful to get to fuck him when it should be the other way around. how do i handle this bitch? will cock denial work? 

Thank you so much for writing, Master! I’m sorry you’re dealing with this issue, which should NEVER be an issue if all faggots accepted their true place.
Faggots are difficult to properly punish, however, because they get off on so many varieties of pain and torture. Using these methods only exacerbates the problem, as it causes the faggot to disobey on purpose so that it can be punished again.
Fortunately, I have the perfect solution for the problem, Master, but it just depends on how far you’re willing to go to make your point with this faggot. I call it “The Nuclear Option.” It’s designed to play on a faggot’s darkest fears and force it to accept reality.
It goes like this: tie the faggot down into a chair and put a ball gag in its mouth. Make it think you’re going to do something kinky with it. Once it’s secured, bring over another faggot and use that second faggot right in front of the current faggot. Do whatever you need to do to be satisfied, then dismiss the second faggot. Then go to your current faggot, spit in its face, and remind it that it can be replaced in a heartbeat. Underscore that it will obey without question or it will be dismissed and replaced. Then untie it and dismiss it.
I had a straight Alpha do a version of this with me when I fell in love with him and was out of control, and it was crushing. A faggot never forgets a lesson like this. If nothing else, using the Nuclear Option will reassert your Alphahood, something this faggot is attempting to usurp with its disobedience. 
I hope this helps, Master! Let me know how it goes!

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