My alpha agreed to buy my car and pay me later. It’s been six months since the deal was made and he still hasn’t paid me and now he’s seeing me less and less! I now have no car and no money. I feel like a fool for giving in to this fantasy of “alphahood”. He is a crook who stole my car and since I gave it to him and he is now the legal owner of it there’s nothing i can do. A whole year of service to this douche. Never again! Real alphas would never do this!!!

That’s pretty awful. I’m sorry this happened to you, brother.

I don’t know if you’ve tried to talk to him about this, but if not, it might be time. At the very least, he still owes you for the car. You could theoretically take him to court, since the title change had to come with some proof of sale (that the Alpha is currently violating). I purchased two cars for Alphas I served in the past. I’m not serving either one anymore. I think I’ve dealt with it by remembering that, when you give someone a gift, you must let go of any material or emotional rights to that gift. 

That’s going to be hard for you while you’re in the middle of this. Try talking to him, and maybe start looking into legal options.