Hi Sam, I’m Néstor and I’m 15 years old, mexican.
Let me describe myself first, as the title says, I’m a quite short (just 5’3ft), white and skinny faggot. Unfortunately my dick’s 6 inches when hard (when soft it’s small hehe), I just wish it was smaller, tiny! What can I do to solve this? because I know real alpha men prefer clits than cocks around my size!
Also I was wondering if we’re, short faggots, more appreciated among horse-cocked tall alphas because our leak and feminine height, are we?
I haven’t been fucked yet but I want a tall horse-cocked alpha to take out my pussy’s virginity (which is quite pink and really, really tight like I just can barely put one of my thin fingers in :P)
And, if I get an alpha master, how do I please him correctly?

Hi little brother! I wouldn’t worry about your little dick, but if it bothers you, putting it in chastity will shrink it. As for being tiny, YES Alphas love little eager faggots like you! They like tossing you around and picking you up like a dog with a chew toy!

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