Hello Sam 
Thank you so much for the wonderful material and excellent website you provide through the great work! 
I am Billy, 48 years old faggot from Europe. I am a total faggot and aware of it. I serve a younger Alpha male on a regular basis. He is 30  and happily partnered to a long-time boyfriend. So secrecy and discretion add some horny feelings to our interaction. He controls my body and mind. I am happy to be caged for Him and to meet Him in luxurious hotel rooms which I pay of course. He refuses to be called a Findom which is totally right as the money I spend is invested  for common pleasure and mutual benefit.
So till recently I was glad and proud that a handsome young guy got interested in educating an older faggot. Moreover we had some social interaction as well. No friendship really, just a perfect match faggot-master. 
Unfortunately, when He told me about adopting a kid with his partner in order to found a nice family,  my clit suddenly stopped to move and my devotion and obedience faded away.  I couldn’t connect the idea of my Master, strong and superior man used to arrogance and strict attitudes with the picture of a loving daddy… It blocked me at any level of submission. I was used to swallow his loads and drink his piss… I was used to give Him massage and proper devotion.  All that new ‘adoption kid story’ made my submission collapse. I’ve asked Him for a break to reflect on the situation. I’m a true faggot and I only perceive Alphas as agressive and lonely leaders not involved in baby caring ! I am very sad about my feelings and am thinking more and more of terminating this relationship as my inner sexual identity is to serve superior males,  but not respectful heads of families… 
Thanks a lot for reading – faggot billy

Brother, that’s a shame you feel that way. A family is nothing more than a small society, and Alphas lead families just like they lead societies. You’re allowing your ALPHA FETISH to overwhelm and destroy your ALPHA SERVICE. What an incredibly sad thing.
Our most powerful Men have deep needs to procreate, raise children to carry on their name and legacy. Gay Alphas, of course, can’t make children by natural means, so adoption or surrogacy is the answer to satisfy that desire. It doesn’t make him less of a Man for having that desire, it makes him MORE of a Man.
The fact that you can only see your fetish version of an Alpha rather than the true Man is something very misguided. You are going to throw away service to an amazing younger dominant Alpha because he suddenly doesn’t meet up with your exact fantasy? Think about how sad that sounds!
You seriously need to think about what you’re doing. You have only a few cards left in your hand at this stage of your fag life … I suggest you wield them with much more care and thoughtfulness. 

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