Hi Sam, longtime reader here. A couple years ago in college through one of my roommates, I met this beautiful potential Alpha. 6’4″, straight with girlfriend, sweet, masculine, chiseled jaw, and fucking BUILT. Seriously, you can literally smell the testosterone coming from him. I feel like my life has changed, as all I want to do is submit to him and serve him like the God he truly is. I want to bask in his scent. I want him to use those huge arms to crush and destroy me. I want to make him dinner, clean his apartment, grab him a beer, and service him until he’s satisfied. He likes to eat meat and go shooting at the range. He’s a little dumb, but that’s where the sweetness comes from.
So he’s been a friend of a friend all these years and unfortunately, I had a falling out with the mentioned old college roommate (he and the Alpha are best friends). Old college roomie is leaving the state for grad school soon and I think I can take advantage of this opportunity. Me and the Alpha have never been “friends” since we only see each other at parties or when he visited the roomie. But he likes me and I’ve got his number so at least I’m not starting from nothing. We have a big size difference (I’m a short slim guy) and I think he likes to play on it. Every time hes hugged me he holds me very warm and caressingly, not like a friendly hug but a romantic hug. That’s all just fun and games though.

I very vividly remember one time the three of us (me, old roomie, Alpha) were hanging at old roomie\’s place and the Alpha was leaving but I was staying the night. He got up and announced his leaving while I was lying on old roomie’s bed. I reached out my arms to motion that I wanted to hug him goodbye and HE FUCKING LIED ON TOP OF ME MISSIONARY STYLE, WITH ALL HIS WEIGHT, AND AFTER 3 OR SO SECONDS HE JOKINGLY HUMPED ME REALLY QUICK. I am so happy I didnt moan or something and was able to play it off cool, but my god. I will never forget that moment. I think it was 5 humps/thrusts. All of his weight on me. Holding me missionary style. Life changing experience.

Another time we were both at a Halloween party with some mutual friends and he was getting super drunk. I think he was finishing an entire 30 rack by himself? What a Man. Anyway, further into the night I found him and asked him if he was having fun. He kinda just stared blankly at me, he was definitely wasted. Then he grabbed the back of my head, pulled me in and kissed my forehead. When he let me go, he still just had that blank expression on and I was a bit speechless but managed to blurt something out and left the room. Mind you he did this in a room full of people (who were probably also drunk lol).
So now I’m thinking about the future, since him and I wont ever see each other or talk at all once my old roomie leaves the state in a couple of months. I think I\’m going to “accidentally” text him, play it off cool, and then invite him to my new apartment that I’ll be moving in soon. I’ll offer food and beer, and just talk and stuff since we’ve never hung out ourselves. I have to handle this very carefully. I’m so nervous I’m gonna fuck it up. I probably will. Or maybe he’s not even interested. But I have to do this. Fulfill my ultimate purpose in life to serve him, a living God and epitome of manliness. Theres also his girlfriend to think about, they’re kinda serious but no real future goals. I dont wanna be a homewrecker, but that wont stop me from offering myself to him, especially maybe some domestic service duties I can do.
What do you think of my experiences with him? I call him “The Beast”. I literally worship this giant, beautiful, unbelievable man. I’ll let you know how it goes in a couple of months. Do you think I have a shot?

Thanks for that epic question! LOL
I would say this guy IS Alpha, not a “potential” Alpha. And he does sound like the prototypical fraternity meathead Alpha type, too, which can definitely be to your advantage. Spoiler alert: frat guys love faggots. We are weaker and submissive and we allow them to flex their energy and power in fun and flirtatious ways. They can act as inappropriately as they want with us because they know we love it.
First of all, you’re going to need to stop hiding your gay/faggot truth in this situation. It’s time for you to stop being afraid and just embrace yourself. This is a timed thing and you can’t afford to miss an opportunity because you’re too afraid to act because things aren’t perfect.
I suggest you get him over to your place for some sporting event. Or, if you know where he works, you might be able to weasel your way into asking him to get a drink or two. This will need to be a full service offer, meaning you are going to be making food or buying everything. I would get a few drinks in him, and then maybe bring up the humping episode as a “hey, remember that time you …” kind of story. If he gets apologetic, you plainly say something like “Sir, you don’t need to apologize. That’s how faggots should be treated” or something similar. Make it nonchalant, like it’s no big deal. This will make him curious, rather than off-put.
If/when he asks questions, simply explain the natural order to him in plain, “no big deal” terms. The truth of Hierarchy is so powerful and so obvious when laid out that way logically to an Alpha that it becomes undeniable. 
From there you just follow his cues and calmly assuage his fears. Once you get to that point, the rest of the manipulation is self explanatory.
Now, you could use my book in this situation, but I’m not sure if he’s much of a reader. This is something that you can cause to happen through skill and perseverance. But it CAN be done, though. Definitely think about what I’ve described and keep me posted. You really shouldn’t wait to lay the groundwork for this one. You gotta really find the right bait in order to land the biggest fish!

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