hi sam. does the blunt approach work? like saying to a man hey i would love to suck your cock, does that ever work? a fag brother of mine told me he’s had quite a bit of success with it he said the trick is to do it in private where the man wouldn’t feel threatened or embarrassed. your thoughts? 

Brother, yes your fag friend is totally right! The blunt approach does work! As I’ve said many times on this site, I’ve had somewhere in the neighborhood of a 60% success rate using the blunt approach. This is one of the most feared and most ignored methods of Alpha prospecting. Faggots foolishly talk themselves out of it.
I would add this to your friend’s advice: not only get them alone or in a private place, but you also want to approach them in a submissive yet nonchalant manner. They need to feel COMFORTABLE. A drooling, panting, nervous faggot will make the Alpha uncomfortable and he will reject the offer. Sound like a buddy offering thoughtful help. 

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