I’m a chubby guy with a big dick. I always get hit up but hairy fags. I believe fags have no business trying to look like men. When I say that they get an attitude. Why is that?

Why is that, Sir? Because they are stupid and they have an over-inflated sense of self. 

I am always baffled by FAGGOTS who come at Dominant MEN with a laundry list of personal needs and boundaries. I just want to scream YOU ARE A FAGGOT! YOU ARE NOT A MAN! 

By extension, faggots need to be humble enough to accept correction or direction from Men. Flying into a hissy fit when a Man says that he believes a faggot should not be hairy is the direct opposite of proper faggot behavior. 

These faggots need to be disciplined or dismissed, Sir. There are plenty of faggots out there who are meticulously spending the time and effort to make themselves pleasing to MEN FIRST. Find and own these, Sir.