There is a younger alpha in my workplace.  I’ve always been crazy for him.  He needed a huge, career building favor and was getting the runaround. I’ve been in this organization a long time.  I know how to make shit happen.  It worked.  He wrote me this effusive email back in which he called me ”sir” twice.  It’s a sign of respect and gratitude, but I have to confess that it hurt me for him call me that. I did this for him because he deserves it not because I’m some domineering figure who can make important people do things, although I am good at that.  I hope as he climbs in this organization he will take his natural spot.

Brother, I know how you feel! That’s especially been happening more with me as I’ve gotten older. Let’s face it – we aren’t little boy faggots anymore. People are taught to show respect and decorum around older males, which in any other context is a good thing. 
I have actually used these kinds of things to introduce Hierarchy. I will usually inform them that I should be the one calling them Sir since they are Alpha and I am not. In true Alphas this twist intrigues them because it rings true. I’m not saying that it leads to service in every case, but when done with the right Alpha it certainly can!

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