Hi, I have what might be kinda a strange question. What do you think is the reason we fags exist? I know our purpose in life is to serve men, and while that might make their life nicer and easier sometimes, the way I see it we are not really needed. The world would go on even if we didn’t exist. I used to think we were created by God to serve his most perfect creation, but that was before I lost my faith. And while I believe in evolution I feel like fags serve no evolutionary purpose. I know I shouldn’t bother wondering about these things, but my life as a fag has been very difficult at times and I often wonder why I had to be born a fag, and why I couldn’t just be born a regular straight guy. Sorry for my rambling.

That’s a deep question, brother, and it makes for an interesting thought experiment. There really isn’t a way to be sure of why faggots exist, but here’s how I tend to look at it: Nature is all about balance. It’s constantly seeking equilibrium. So when we think about the supremacy of Alphas, nature would of course design a perfect counter-balance to that in the form of their direct opposite: faggots. The overpowered dominance of Alphas is diluted and soothed by the depths of faggot submission. Does that make sense?

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