Hi Sam,
I read an foreign article about that there is research going on, trying to come up with birth controll prevention (BCP) for males. We all know that today there is only BCP for females today. If the scientist predict it right, it may be on the marked in 2031. They say it’s of a equality perspective they’re doing it, females using BCP over so many years, while males have had it much easier, only needing to use condom. 
What are your input on this? Would this be an element that would benefit the alpha/faggot scene? Who in your opinion should be on/use them? Even though biologically it’s an impossiblility, but playing on potent fertility is how I interpret it would enhance the experience between an alpha and a faggot. 

I haven’t heard of birth control pills for Men. I’m absolutely sure they will never use such a medication. Men take virility very seriously … it’s a point of pride to be potent. They’d much rather use a condom or the “pull out method” for birth control concerns.
I don’t personally see how such a thing would affect the dynamic between Alphas and faggots, honestly. Alphas use faggots for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with pregnancy already. And that will continue unabated or unchanged forever.

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