Hello Sammy,
I am 24 and have been seeing an alpha for about a year and he recently got mad at me for pulling my pussy off his cock while he was fucking me. I was caged and it was an accident reflex and i meant no disrespect towards him, but he was upset and felt a certain way about it. As a punishment he wants to fist me and make me gape, which I have never done before and scared. I’m very tight and I know it’s going to hurt. His thinking is that it will teach me to be humble. He said I have 3 days to respond and I’m not sure what to do. Should I allow him to fist me to make up for what I did? Thank you for caring about fags!

Fisting seems like a bit of an overreaction to me, but I’m not an Alpha. It wasn’t like you pulled off his dick in order to stop sex. You were just adjusting yourself (as far as I understand it) and he came out of you just momentarily and accidentally. And what a weird punishment anyway. I kinda think he had this in his mind and this is how he wants to make you do it.
But listen – you don’t have to do it. Ultimately a faggot has a right to determine what happens to its body. I mean, if he wanted to punish you by sticking a red-hot poker in your eyeball, do you have to agree to it simply because you’re a faggot?? OF COURSE NOT. And here’s the other side of it – Alphas have a responsibility to discipline reasonably. He shouldn’t use his position to scar his faggots physically or psychologically. 
I would throw yourself on his mercy and tell him you cannot do this because you’re scared and you don’t want to be hurt. If he dismisses you, then he is not the right Alpha for you. Don’t worry – a quality faggot like you will find another, better owner!   

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