I admire you sense of fellow faggot brotherhood and how you take pains to give legitimate praise that way.  It’s a great boost in self esteem, both generous and smart.  Keep it up please, brother! Here is the question.  We are, aren’t we (fags, bottoms, cunts etc) by definition always the Lessers. compared to the Greaters?  We have that submissive mindset that goes with extreme bottoming.  Can the question of whether. or how much. we do or don’t align with women in this way still be avoided?  I somehow feel I haven’t  heard enough core stuff on that.  How do women feel about submission and is it different from the way we feel about it?   My women friends don’t seem to want to talk radically and intimately enough on that subject to me, so I guess I’m in the dark.  Can you shed light?   Let me try to put the question in a different way.    In your interviews with alphas there\’s always this big stress on the difference between real Men’s  relations with women and their relationships with us faggot males. Love and diminished sexuality for them, extreme sex and no love (usually) for us?  What gives here?   Women and faggots in my mind are both just cunts.  Can a male cunt really different that much from a female one?  We’re cunts.  For use by real men.  So why should real men or alphas make this difference between the way they do sex with us (extreme lust but not love) and them, women (love, but only moderate lust satisfaction) if us and women are really just the same if we\’re both just cunts.   What gives here?  Shed some light?   And with a slightly other twist, is this because of women’s liberation and feminism?  And if it is, well, how is it right for us to tell women they are wrong in wanting to be, or seem to be, equals with their men? Have any enlightening thoughts here on these two questions?

To answer your first question, females are not nearly as submissive as faggots even though they definitely should be submissive to Men. Almost all females like to imagine that they are equal complements to Men and deserving of equal amounts of power and status. They are wrong, and this stubborn attitude is often the cause of many of the issues between Men and women. 
Faggots give Men what they really want – worship.
So if that’s true, why do Men keep giving so much attention to females? The reason is simple – Men like the female form and its softness. They’re attracted to tits and pussy. Also, females afford Men the chance to express their romantic side. The vast majority of Men who use faggots are at least bisexual if not totally straight, so their interest in females is simply a matter of sexual preference. 
But, in the end, Men know where they can get what they really want. 

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