Hi Sam,
Ive been reading your site for quite sometime and absolutely love it!
I feel though there is a missing level in your hierarchy between a beta male and a faggot.
By their respective definitions I dont feel I fit in either categories. Im too submissive to be a beta, but apparently not submissive enough because i dont engage in domestic or financial servitude.
Im working on removing any remaining limits as i dont believe i should have any. I want to serve how an alpha wants and needs to be served sexually even if that means doing things i dont like or enjoy (strictly in sex). Not how i fantasize or how i feel i should be serving.
Where would you put me in your hierarchy? Or do you see merit that there is a sub category between the aforementioned levels?

There are many different ways a sub male serves a Man as a faggot. To qualify as a faggot you are not required to do everything possible. For instance, a faggot can serve a Man just financially and still be considered a faggot. That’s why I don’t have layers in the faggot level of my Hierarchical pyramid. To separate faggots based on how many boxes they check off on their resume is a waste of time. They’re all faggots to Men.

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