Hi Sam
I’m a young 23 year old guy – I thought I was a faggot for a while, I even have a cock cage and like to wear it at times, but recently I topped a guy and I enjoyed it a lot – he wants me to do it again this week. I’m also a bit of a gym boy and I’m trying to bulk up a bit and the guy I fucked is a lot skinner and petite and it felt really good to be in control of himi. I think I still prefer bottoming (especially for older and more muscular guys) and love being called faggot and good boy when I bottom but I’m just wondering can a faggot be somewhat versatile depending on the guy? 

I do think it’s possible for some faggots to have “Alpha faggot” tendencies. I don’t see it often, though. You may just really like using your dick once in a while. I don’t think that means you’re not a faggot. I just think you got hold of a smaller faggot and wanted to manhandle it a little bit. No biggie. 

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