Hi Sam. My Alpha has been brutally throat fucking me for 2 weeks now. Hes usually calm and passionate but I’ve sensed a change in him. He doesnt talk to me anymore and like I said, hes ramped up the domination and even though i love it, I worry about him. This is not his norm. I will take his dick as deep as he wants it, but I’m so worried! I’m here to be his hole but hes so reserved about his emotions. Most Men are like this right? Will he ever tell me whats wrong? Should i just keep submitting to him cause thats what he needs right now? I really need advice. Thanks

This is always a tricky part of the job as a faggot. Like you indicated, many Alphas hide how they’re feeling and respond to situations in unexpected ways. We often must react to those mood swings without making them worse. Honestly, all Men want from faggots in those moments are complication-free sexual releases. We can be that for them if we remember our place.
I’m unsure how to best advise you to move forward here. You need to be very submissive and nonconfrontational with your Alpha. Maybe if you kiss his feet and tell him that you’re concerned that he is upset about something he might be triggered into opening up to you. I don’t know. 
A lot of the time faggots simply help an Alpha by being the object of his rage. Maybe he has a girlfriend/wife that is upsetting him … maybe the job is too much pressure … we cannot know and perhaps aren’t meant to know. Maybe your function in his life is as a form of punching bag rather than a counselor. 
 Just be grateful that he is expressing his true self with you at all! That’s most of the battle!

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