Hello, sam, i’m a 20 years old master, and as the title says, there is a sub in my dms who keep asking me to be his master and begging to be drained, firstly he lied about his age which is 16 years old. He wants to be taught how to be a fag but i’m not an idiot nor a pedophile, since i asked some of my buddies i concluded that even staying as friends with him is morally wrong. Since i know the « friendship » for the sub will turn into something else. Did I do the right thing? Should I have accepted the sub even though he’s younger than me?

Sir, thank you for writing to me! I definitely think you did the right thing by pulling back from this underage faggot. I know your instincts probably tell you to take this faggot and shape it into something you’d like to own, but it’s best to wait until the faggot can legally give itself to you. Besides, I’m sure a young Alpha like you is not hurting for faggots, so why take the risk? I’m proud of you for your wisdom and maturity, Sir!

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