Hi Sam. I’m a 28 years old faggot from Italy. On top of being a faggot I’m also a size queen, I’ve always have been orbiting around those true men who carry huge cocks and exhude superiority with every step. I have recently met this true man who’s a year younger than me at work: he’s sunny, confident, he enjoys physical contact, he likes to put his big hands onto other men’s shoulders, arms or back of the heads. He laughs a lot, he’s always similing and puts everyone around him at ease. He’s got strong big dick energy, and he’s not afraid of wearing tight pants (whether they are jeans or just regular pants) to show it. He’s got a huge, prominent bulge, and I would’ve sensed by the way he carries himself that he’s particularly hung anyway.
He and I started working on a project together a few weeks ago, and since then I tried as much as possible to serve him (by bringing him coffee or buying him breakfast, supporting him in his work, doing chores, letting him know how good he is at his job – he is, I would never lie, etc.), and he’s responding very well to it. He makes a lot of eye-contact and always speaks his mind.
I tried to test the waters with some of his colleagues and they told me he had a brief relationship with a woman a couple of years ago, but since then it appears he hasn’t dated anyone else, which I found odd considering how charming, attractive and masculine he is.
So my question is: should I come out to him as a faggot somehow, or try to make him understand how much I crave to serve him and how much I respect him? I don’t want to hinder how work relationship, because I really enjoy serving him at work and making his work life easier as much as possible… but his giant bulge and strong build are driving me crazy and I feel like I should at least try to understand if I can seize this opportunity.
What do you think?

Is this actually a question?? OF COURSE YOU SHOULD! Don’t waste even one more second! 
Start calling him “Sir.” I want you to ask him how long he’s known he’s Alpha. This is a compliment designed to trigger his understanding of Hierarchy. You’ll be able to discover a few things in his answer. Be observant when he answers. 
After that, if you feel comfortable enough, say something along the lines of, “I wouldn’t know what it’s like to be Alpha since I’m a faggot.” This is designed to take him off guard. He’ll laugh or be shocked, but your matter-of-fact statement will disarm him.
Try it. You might be surprised.
If you don’t do that, then at the very least you need to ramp up your gifts and compliments. You are THISCLOSE to getting this Alpha to consider using you.

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