Hey there fag
im James I don’t necessarily practice Dom sub relationship kink with dudes . I do enjoy it with woman tho but lately I’ve been having the fantasies is off raping my roommate and I really wanna do it but how do I come off as a dom to him not just a normal dude who is raping him but someone who owns him and can do whatever the fuck he wants with him? Should I just do it? Or does it need to be consensual cause because honestly I don’t give a fuck when I do it with girls because they all know that  I’m the master and they are on my property and I’ve never had any complaints.

Thank you for writing, Sir! 
First of all, keep this in mind: whatever you do with females you can do with sub males – and much more. Males who submit to Alphas like you will quickly accept the Hierarchical reprogramming and their place in the natural order. It’s not even a matter of you needing to rape the sub male to take what you want from it – that is a given. You simply need to assert yourself.
What I suggest you do is you go up to your roommate and tell him to get on his knees. Push him down if necessary. Then you might want to use call-and-response to get your roommate to admit that it wants to serve you and submit to you. Then pull out your cock and make it smell your scent while you tell it “good faggot” and other reassurances. Work your way up to having it suck you and then you throat fucking it. 
If your roommate protests, you can use varying levels of aggression and force to get it to accept its place. That might be up to you in the moment, Sir.
Alphas have been forcing inferior males into submission and service since the dawn of time. It is probably one of the most natural dynamics we have as humans. The desire you have to rape your roommate is springing from that Hierarchical need Men like you have to dominate. It should not be suppressed or denied, Sir.
I would be very interested in the outcome of this situation if you accomplish it, Sir. You can write to me here or at my email address fagsworshipalphas@gmail.com. Thank you, Sir!

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