Hello, big boy.
i’m a dom obviously and here is my situation
i have a friend i’ve known for years, and years ago i was the first guy he came out to. He trusts me and was his first crush, obviously back then i was lot dumber and should have taken the chance. But now since we still talk to each other and he dated alot (he’s a dom btw) but now every time I think about him or meet him I get a raging boner that says I should just fuck him right here. And turn him into my own little cock slut, he offered to suck me plenty of times but i’m looking for more than a half asses blowjob. So should I be blunt with him and tell him that I want him to be my own bitch and fuck his tight ass like there was no tomorrow?

Thank you for writing to me, Sir!
Yes, you probably made a tactical mistake by not acting in the first place. Alphas should never pass on any opportunity to take control of something, even if it isn’t going to lead anywhere particularly special. Taking those opportunities as they arise trains the Alpha to always seek control and power over people and situations.
However, I would say that everything is not lost, Sir. I’m sure your “friend” is still carrying a flame for you after all of these years. Why do I say that? Because our early crushes never really go away, they live on inside us as ideals. You were his ideal Alpha, and likely you still are. 
I’m curious as to why you refer to him as a “Dom” Sir. If he is dominant with faggots, he will likely still submit to you if you force the issue. There is a clear Hierarchy even among Alphas, and you would be acting as the Apex Alpha. Now it’s just a matter of you taking control of the situation, Sir.
I think you should make him kneel before you and admit to you what he truly wants. This technique of verbal confession forces the submissive to admit the truth with its rational mind (as opposed to sexual impulse). It forces the submissive to OWN IT so that you can OWN HIM.
I hope it goes well, Sir! Please let me know of your progress here or at fagsworshipalphas@gmail.com! Thank you, Sir! 

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