Hey! I’m a very young fag and I have been reading your blog. I love them and feel a very deep connection with the things I see. I just have a slight problem. I can’t buy a chastity cage (since I’m underage) and I find it very hard to stop myself from masturbating. I have thought of finding an alpha but I live in a very homophobic town and I am afraid of asking an Alpha to serve Him, as He might out me. I also struggle with finding alphas around me (in my school). Once again love your work, you’ve helped me find my true self.

Little brother, I appreciate you reaching out to me. I’m glad my site has been a help to you!

First of all, don’t worry about chastity cages and masturbation right now. You’re young, and you shouldn’t necessarily be stopping masturbation right now because that helps you to develop what you really want to find in your sexual life. Chastity is for the future.

Believe me, there are definitely Alphas around you in school. There are Alphas in every high school and college in the world. It’s not always easy to make offers in the pressurized environment of high school, but it can be done. Remember, these young Alphas are testosterone factories at that age, and worship and attention are very powerful tools of manipulation on Alphas.

So be complimentary, thoughtful, friendly. Offer to do simple tasks for them. You could serve as a homework faggot, for example. Or you could buy them something for their car (if they have one) or you could offer to clean it. Start showing up at sporting games and making yourself known to the players by being friendly and complimentary. Alpha packs on teams definitely talk to each other, and they’ll notice the little faggot in the stands who has a crush on them.

But most of all, don’t be in a rush. You have a lifetime ahead of you! Just take little steps forward while you keep learning about yourself and what you want. It’ll come, I promise.

Thanks again for writing little brother!

– sam the faggot

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