Hi Fag,  I’m a 19 year old Dom from the UK, who owns a item long term, ive been interested in expanding my stables of items/slaves/pigs or whatever the runt wants to be called for a while now, but was told of an interesting concept. The slave I own currently, tells me that there are slave markets even to this day, where alphas like myself go to/get invited to bid on new items and ‘buy’ a slave. I was wondering if you knew any truth to this, and if so if there are any benefits from sourcing slaves this way, as opposed to the traditional ‘prey’ approach.  

Master, thank you for writing to me!
What an extraordinary Alpha Master you are! At just 19 years old you’re already owning faggots and are eager to expand your stable of owned faggots! Amazing! I would very much like to hear more about your story Master if possible! You can write to me at fagsworshipalphas@gmail.com … I’d love to get you on my podcast so we can discuss this in-depth!
Now, to your question: Yes, Master, there are definitely faggot auctions happening around the world. They remain one of the great underground secrets of affluent Alphas. As you know, Alpha Packs are a real phenomenon. What happens within an Alpha Pack is known only to other Alphas; inferiors are not privy to that information. This is how Alphas have conducted their business since the dawn of time because it consolidates power and protects the less acceptable desires of Alpha Males from becoming public knowledge. 
Faggot auctions are definitely something Alphas would prefer to keep on the “down low.”
I know of faggot auctions in California, Texas, and New York. California Alpha (one of the Alphas chronicled on this site) has been involved in cross-country faggot auctions where he has sold some of his faggots to Alphas in New York for hefty prices. Slave Tim (also on this site) has been to faggot auctions with his Owner involving a smaller Alpha Pack where they live. So yes, faggot auctions are alive and well in 2021, Master.
You ask a very good follow-up question regarding the better approach to faggot acquisition, and it really speaks to your advanced understanding and appreciation for faggot ownership, Master. I’ve actually placed a message to Master Jace (California Alpha) to get his perspective, and will update this once he responds. 
From my perspective, the hunter/prey method is ultimately going to result in longer-lasting faggot control and ownership, and likely more satisfaction for the Alpha as well. The difference can be summed up this way: which fish tastes better, the kind you buy at the store or the ones you caught, filleted, and cooked yourself? 
As an experienced Master, I suspect you chose the latter option. Every Alpha would. The hunting, capturing, and breaking of a faggot satisfies a deep need in both the Master and the faggot and creates a lifelong bond deeper than the mere exchange of cash and location. A faggot bought and sold like property at an auction has no particular allegiance to its new Master, but the faggot transformed by training into the personal property of a Man is completely allied and loyal to that Man.
Having said that, it’s clear that auctions work as well, or Alphas wouldn’t keep doing it. And perhaps for some Alphas the auction method is an easier way to acquire new faggot servants. As a 19-year-old Master, I’m sure the hunter/prey method is easier right now. But I’m sure it must be nice to know that there are these other exclusive options available for elite Alphas like you!
Thank you, Master!

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