I am very verbal when being serviced by fags and cocksuckers and nothing seems to get me off better than referring to a little faggot as a girl when she’s sucking my cock.  There seems to be some that like it and some that object, at least at first, but that’s what I like.  Im not sure why I like it, it just makes me cum.  Any thoughts from fags or Alphas on this?  I don’t actually like women for sex,  but not only do I like calling fags little sissies and girls, and slip from saying “good boy” to saying “good girl” but I like making them act girly because I find it amusing even when it’s an otherwise masculine guy.  I love to make them wiggle their ass when they are on their hands and knees sucking.   And why isn’t there more porn like this?   I don’t mean full crossdressing porn or trans, its just some kind of fine line that I can’t quite explain. Part amusement, part humiliation, control maybe, and now I’m finding locked up fag clits to be very arousing as well as if its says,  “get this out of the way it’s not relevant here”.  Calling you a girl is what makes me cum.  Holding back and refraining from saying whatever I want is frustrating.  Any thoughts.  Others like this?

Thank you so much for writing, Master Jim, and for all of your input around here!
I can’t speak for every faggot, but I do think the majority of faggots have a deep desire to be that cute feminine sex object for an Alpha. This is particularly true if the Alpha is straight or straight-perceived. We want this because we know that femininity turns on straight Alphas, and we definitely want these straight Men to lust after us the way they do for women. 
I remember one time in my younger days I lost weight worked out aerobically until I was shapely and curvy like a female. I felt so sexy that I was literally naked all the time around my straight male friends (it drove them crazy) in particular, and I got fucked quite a bit in that shape. It was a wonderful experiment in pushing my femininity. However, it wasn’t something I wanted to push any farther than that.
I think it’s a hot way to play, though. It’s especially true regarding the phrase “good girl” for the same reason why it’s hot to call our hole a “pussy”. Feminization of faggots is yet another tool in the arsenal of control Men use.
Thank you Master!   

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