I’m fairly new to this but I was curious your thoughts on like, how to introduce general kinks and fetishes as well as Alpha/fag things into conversations for hookups or relationships. Like we all know apps exist, but idk how to go from a nice conversation on Grindr (yes, shocking, but it’s happened … sometimes), to “please let me serve you however I can, I want to kneel before a Man” and all.
Like I’m sure that would be good for some guys, but if I were approached that way I might block them. So, any advice on how to gauge if they’d be into it and maybe ease them in?

My approach has always been a full-frontal assault (as you might imagine). I figure if it’s too much for them, then they aren’t the right person. Truly Alpha Men are not going to be rattled by anything a faggot might say to them.
But there’s also a better way to approach them, too. I am not an over-the-top faggot in my language to Alphas. I am always honest and direct, and I try to avoid fake-sounding language like the stuff you used as an example. I find simply stating, “I’m a faggot, Sir. I exist to serve Men like you” is far more effective because it engages the Alpha’s curiosity and imagination.  Stating that in your profile (if possible) is even better, because it weeds out the wafflers and the fakers. 

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