Hello Sam. I asked you a while ago about the blunt approach. I’d like to share my experience using this technique. I’ve tried it on five different men. I got to suck off four! It really is an art. Be polite, ensure privacy, don’t be a creep, and be ready to deal with rejection. It works! it simply works! Most men are sexually frustrated and they’d rather have a fag suck them off than jerk off! I’m still working on my technique. Thanks for your words of encouragement!

This is a follow-up to THIS QUESTION from April (I think).

HAHAHA that is fucking AWESOME!!! Congratulations!

See? I know what I’m talking about!!

As I’ve said here a few times before, I have had around a 60% success rate on this approach over the years. Your batting average is higher than that (you bitch LOL) so keep going! I’m not surprised about the success, though. Your approach (as described) is a perfect replica of my method, and I know it works!

I’m so proud of you, my brother! Keep me informed!

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