I love the word faggot, it comes off the tongue so easily especially when you’re balls deep in a fags hole smacking his ass. Also caught myself about to say it while fucking a lady friend just because I was so into it. Though one faggot I know loves being humiliated, spat on, stripped and made fun of but doesn’t like being called a fag; is he just being insecure? Makes me laugh that’s what he takes issue with but doesn’t mind being called an inferior cunt

HAHAHAHA oh Sir, that’s hilarious and embarrassing. I can’t stand these pussies who cry and whine about the word FAGGOT. It’s especially annoying when coming from an actual faggot. It’s like someone who raises pigs on a farm becoming offended when someone calls them a pig farmer. 

Here’s my opinion, Sir – you just keep using the word as often as your instinct dictates. You are a fucking MAN, and therefore you make the rules. The word carries tremendous power, and as a faggot I can tell you that it absolutely triggers submission in me. Everybody instinctively understands the deeper intentions of the word, and react accordingly. We shouldn’t shy away from it, but rather celebrate it.

However, if I might make a suggestion, Sir: be careful about using the word while you’re mid-Rut in some girl’s pussy. Could be awkward, Sir.