I know you’ve played a big part but I’m wondering if there were people before you who made contributions, do you know of them? are they still active? 

Well, I have been in the process of transferring the entire Tumblr blog str8guy4fags2serve (since abandoned) to this site for preservation (link in sidebar). Written in 2013 by an unnamed Alpha, I consider that blog to be a true internet flashpoint for the increased understanding we have today. 
Other important early sites include Natural Hung Bull (Tumblr deleted), Straight Alpha Mike (deleted), Sir Titus (gone, but preserved here on this site), NYC_Alpha (now mostly findom as International Alpha), Greedy Findom (in the Dom/fag findom space), Follow Your Slave Heart (still producing content), and several important fag sites that were deleted long ago for various reasons.  
Preservation of these important sites and their groundbreaking messages has always been something I’ve taken very seriously. That’s part of why I’m still here today, so that I can keep the works and words of pioneers like these alive and vital and inspiring as they have proven to be to me.

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