I want to know why so many men and fag worry about size? I am here to serve men no matter body, race, sexuality, age, or cock size. My last sir was a big guy but I served him as though he was a Greek god. I have been in service since I was 16 and now being 28 I know where my place is and that is at the feet of men.

You have the right attitude, brother! Such a good boy!

I’m constantly baffled by the bad attitudes of many faggots who think that only supermodel Alphas should be worshiped and served, or worse, that they (as faggots) should have the right to serve only the cream of the crop when they themselves are lowly faggots.

JUST SERVE. If you’re a faggot, then all Men are above you Hierarchically. They’re better than you. So develop a humble mind and serve.

When you do serve a wide variety of Alphas, you eventually learn that, beneath the varied exteriors, Alphas are all the same in terms of needs and desires or the application of power. We are serving that inner Man, not his shell.

I really appreciate that you are serving Men with a humble heart, my brother! That is to be commended!

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