I have a possible sub I have been working on for some time, and I need your advice.
So I’ve known this guy for ages.  When we first met he was this cocky guy who liked to show off; buy expensive drink, order the most expensive item on the menu, get us into private nightclubs etc… Anyway one day he invites me to a private dinner, just the two of us, and buys me perhaps the most delicious meal I have ever had.  Steak tartar, lobster, the works.  After the meal and a couple of drinks he makes it clear that he would be down for sucking my cock and maybe more.  I\’m no idiot, so I get him to suck me off in the loo. After that we would meet regularly.  I\’d come round, have a couple of drinks, maybe smoke a joint and eventually (and I mean eventually, usually after the last train home) he would suck my cock.  But he always seemed really timid about it and wasn\’t very good, and when I tried to direct him he\’d get flustered and would suddenly stop, thereby blue-balling me … or should i say blue-balling myself?

Anyway, after a while, I got bored of this… a lackluster blowjob will only get you so far in my book, and if you\’re not willing to surrender your ass (as he was not), then you\’re pretty much living on borrowed time in my opinion.  Eventually I gave him up, it was obviously too much work for too little return.  This was about three years ago. Then suddenly, out of the blue, he texts me, asking if I\’m down for a drink.  We meet, and the old routine starts again, he buys all the drinks and treats me to dinner and invites me back to his flight for a joint…. I know where this is going …. So we\’re back at his place and he starts playing with my dick, getting it hard, sucking it … he does okay… Suddenly he stops and says he doesn’t want me to cum because ‘that would be gay’… He was obviously very uncomfortable with the situation so I wasn’t going to push it.  Besides, I can always message a more willing sub if I want to..
Now I have no idea what is going on in his head to justify sucking my cock as ‘being straight’ so long as I don’t cum … let alone cum down him… As I have said before, I have cum down him numerous times before and I know that if I push a little harder next time he will get there again… But I’m not satisfied with him giving me half-arsed blowjobs, I want more.  In the intervening 3 years, I’ve grown as a person, not just physically but also sexually too, I’m not only much more sexually confident then I was, but also more sexually sophisticated.  I need to move him from giving me half-arsed blowjobs to full on sex to, eventually, servitude… I think he can get there… the question is how willing am I to devote time to this?  Last time round we spent an entire year with half-arsed blowjobs … I’m not willing to wait that long.
On top of this, after he stopped blowing me he revealed to me that he has only ever swallowed the cum from 2 guys (me and some randomer he met at a party)…
Now all of our mutual friends suspect he’s at least bi-sexual if not gay (he goes on about all these girls he fucks, but no one has ever met a single one of them) and none of them know anything about us.  But now I’m wondering …. is he so far into the closet, he doesn’t even realize he’s in it?  This might explain his unwillingness to engage further…. I just don’t want to waste my time on a sub, or even a person, who is only going to give me lackluster blowjobs… I have neither the time nor the energy to handhold someone through that kind of journey.  At the end of the day I need to move things along.  I got him to call me ‘sir’ the last time we met, and thank me for letting him suck my cock (this might have pushed him over the edge and forced him to stop sucking me), but I need more… Any advice?

Thank you for writing to me Sir!
You have a complex situation here. First of all, this guy is definitely a faggot. However, its denial is so deeply-rooted inside its identity that trying to carefully pull it apart is going to probably waste a lot of time and result in more back-outs and dead ends.
Here’s where an Alpha like you really needs to law down the law and take what you want from this faggot. You need to be ultra aggressive and essentially force it to accept the truth. I’m not suggesting rape here (just to be clear), but something flirting with that. Also, what I’m suggesting is something like a rape of this faggot’s soul.
You need to get with this faggot and essentially force it to kneel before you and kiss your feet. Get it to admit to you that it is a faggot. Get it to pledge devotion to your service as your property. Once you get that, have it smell your crotch and armpits. Make it become hypnotized by your natural aroma. All the while continue to make it admit that it is your faggot and your property. 
Then, once you have it exasperated and desperate, throat fuck it. Make it gag. Be merciless. It needs to learn that the days of playing around as a cocksucker are done.
Then, when the faggot feels like it is breaking, tell it that you are going to fuck it and breed it. And then forcefully put it into position and enter it, preferably while holding its hair or throat. You need to take it like a male lion takes a female. Breed it.
The faggot doesn’t know it yet, but you taking it in this way will be the most impactful and important moment of its life. It’s been living a lie. You are going to pulverize those lies with the power of your Alpha might. 
Alphas perform this rite of passage with faggots all the time. They do this because they understand the true purpose of faggots, and they need the faggots to accept that reality. Sometimes this happens without my force. 
But sometimes force is the only way.
I hope this helps, Sir. Please keep me informed! fagsworshipalphas@gmail.com 

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