Can anyone give me advice or referral? There are 7 of us in NYC area with a total fetish for semen – but ONLY specificity top grade A+ quality semen – alpha male semen. And up till 9 months ago we used to have a straight friend of one of us on the group provide his semen for us to use for the base ingredient for the cookbook “Natural Harvest: a collection of semen based recipes” ( We would have a dinner 1-2x per year & we would prep for it 4-5 months in advance to collect enough semen. A few of us would meet 2-3x per wk & he’d be only 1 100% naked & wed milk him orally & by hand & always switch to hand at last sec & point his tip into container to add to our frozen supply. NO kissing, no fucking, recip Bj, etc. Just milking his semen. He definitely produced semen quality in top 0.2% percentile
We are looking got a new supplier. And we also will compensate/pay for his time (& we do handsomely). 1/3 upfront, 1/3 half way in & 1/3 after the dinner event. For the finale dinner he also must agree to attend, be the only 1 totally naked & periodically stand on small platform to display & lay on custom massage table to be milked to swallow there.
this is a LARGE commitment because we need a massive quality of semen (id rather say how much later so I don’t discourage anyone). We do also pay to provide a 4 wk pre supply & then current supply of Semenex which will increase semen volume production by 2-3x (and orgasm length)
Please help with any advice to find alpha supplier. And also if any want to join our group, let me know.  

Absolutely bizarre. Published for the sheer craziness alone. I am not involved in any way, so don’t ask.