I recently let a complete stranger talk me into sucking his dick, which got him so horny he talked me into letting him fuck me. The dick was thick, and my hole inexperienced, but I found myself not complaining and just letting him pound me as hard and long as he wanted (very sore after, for days). This resulted in my getting inseminated. I’ve been ferociously ashamed of what a whore I was, how ‘easy’ I was, no pride. Did I wreck my manhood? Am I a faggot now?

I kinda wonder if you really feel all that bad about the experience now. Or if you’ll still feel that much shame as you get away from it. Have you masturbated while thinking about it? Does it excite you somewhere inside?

You’re experiencing what I call the “fag drop.” It’s an emotional crash that follows the extreme and occasionally out-of-control behavior that occurs during service to a Man. “Oh my god, did I really lick his filthy asshole while he farted in my face?” cries a faggot the morning after doing exactly that. It becomes like a gambling addiction; “I’m never going to do that again!” cries a gambler the morning after too much money. 

But the “drop” wears off, and with a clearer head we discover how we REALLY feel about what we did. And THAT’S how we determine what we are. 

So I’m not prepared to anoint you as a faggot just yet, even though what you did is absolutely faggot behavior. Let it all wash over you, and discover your truth with time and reflection.