I’m in contact again with an Alpha who got me in this kind of mindset and He’s interested in using me, but I’m in a relationship with my bf of 5 years and we’re living together. He knows I like to play around sometimes but I promised I wouldn’t ever again. But I feel like my nature is calling. The Alpha is everything my bf isn’t and tbh I had never really got over Him. I’ve been seeing Him in my dreams a lot and I haven’t served a Real Man a long time. But I’m scared my bf will find out. Should I be a good boy and stay loyal or give in to my ex Master?

The best (and honest) answer to this problem is to leave the boyfriend who doesn’t really possess you and serve the Alpha. The Alpha owns your heart. Your nature as a faggot consumes your soul. As sad as it is to say, you’re not ever going to be truly happy or fulfilled with the boyfriend. Just respect your boyfriend enough to do the right thing and set him free rather than cheat on him.  

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