Hiya, i’ve asked a question here before relating to chastity and you gave me a really detailed and thoughtful response so just wanted to thank you for that first of all! This title of the question may be a little misleading as it doesn’t actually relate to the traditional toilet training that might come to mind. I’m now talking to a new Alpha and we plan to meet this weekend. I’m a very dirty fag, open minded and willing to do pretty much whatever it takes to serve my Owner, and lucky for me, he is also very kinky. As we were talking and getting to know each other yesterday we get onto kinks, fetishes, limits etc. He starts by asking me would i be willing to rim his ass and i say ‘Yes Sir of course’ (not my favourite thing but i know my place). Then he proceeds to ask if he would clean it rather than just rim it (meaning his ass hole is dirty). I was reluctant at first but with a little discussion he reminds me of my place and i realise if it means i can serve him better then i am more than happy to do it. He expects to train my mouth as his piss urinal which we have previously discussed and both agreed is an important part of training, but now he wants me to be his toilet and train me fully with the intention and goal that nothing that comes out of his body goes to waste when i’m with him including, spit, piss, cum and shit. Obviously i would swallow his spit, cum and piss anyway out of respect and to acknowledge the natural order of the hierarchy but scat is something i haven’t experienced before. I’m sure it is something i could learn to do under his strict training and it’s not something i would let get between me and my Owner because i know that my place is at his feet and i live to serve him. But do you have any advice about how to make it easier for me to embark on this kind of training or if it’s even safe of necessary to do so in order to be the best faggot for my Master? Apologies for the amount of text i just wanted to give a little context so you can see where we’re at with it. Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you!

Well, here’s the rub. You say you’re a “dirty faggot” who will “do anything” for an Alpha. Now you’ve found an Alpha who literally wants to challenge that claim. What do you do?
I’m not going to sugarcoat it (although that might help in your situation LOL). Eating shit is not healthy or safe. I’m not saying it’s completely unsafe, either. But it’s not like drinking piss (which is sterile). There are all sorts of bad bacteria in human shit. It’s also (essentially) rotting solids excreted by the body. And it’s pretty damned disgusting.
I think it’s pretty awful that any Alpha would expect a faggot to actually eat his shit. A Man wouldn’t expect his dog to eat his shit, and would likely be disgusted if his dog tried to do that. So why demand that a faggot do it? These kinds of revolting games are childish and unnecessarily cruel. 
I wouldn’t serve such a Man. I don’t think you should, either. But at the very least you should draw the line at shit-eating. You aren’t proving anything to anybody by doing it except how dumb it is. 

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