It’s the typical story for me too. At first i was scared of chastity cages, then i was turned on by it and as I’m writing this I’m in my cage. It feels warm inside and I’m horny all the time but without cumming, which at times makes me feel bad. I’d like to try to wear my cage even more frequently but it still feels funny down there. I have the 3 inch one on and it feels huge but i feel like it’s too soon to try on a smaller cage. Will it fit? Should I keep the one i have on till my dick gets smaller? I don’t know how it works. And if one day my dick gets small will i be able to get erect or cum? Can you help me Sam?

Your clit will adjust to whatever you put it in eventually. If the three-inch cage feels too big, get the next size down. The idea is that it should be SNUG. As for whether you will be able to get erect and cum in the future, the answer is yes you will. If the clit is set free for a period of time your natural erections will stretch it back out and you’ll be able to climax like a male again.

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