Hey fag Sam,
I’ve been following your blog for a while, but I recently turned 18, so I felt like this was the time to message you. Before now, I’ve had lots of fun roleplaying online with subs, but now that I’m older, I feel that I want to get my feet wet. Literally and figuratively. What advice do you have? It’s a little sad, since I still live with my parents — with my current situation, I’m not leaving anytime soon.

Thank you for writing to me, Sir! I’m grateful that you finally made your presence known!
I’m also glad to hear that you recognize that online domination isn’t the real thing. Faggots like to play around online because it’s easier for them (no commitment to actual service), but for an Alpha like yourself, nothing can replace the actual use of a faggot. Men need that physicality, that interaction. When you’re being worshiped, you want to feel it down into your soul. I commend you for recognizing that need in yourself, Sir!
Your situation is far from impossible, Sir. Eighteen-year-olds have sex constantly despite living with their parents. I definitely did. 
Find local faggots in your age range (I’m sure there are faggots in your grade at high school, for example) and use them at your house when your parents are gone, or at their house when their parents are gone, or out in a park, or in a car, or wherever. 
Alternatively, you could use various methods (like Grindr or FetLife) to find slightly older faggots who have their own place. This could give you additional avenues for domination, like taking over the faggot’s residence or its money. Young Kings like you are a hot commodity for older faggots; we know the importance of serving you properly so that you start off your reign in a positive way.
Either way, it’s important that you start feeding faggots your cum and marking them with your scent. This will cause them to become addicted to you, allowing you to build a reliable stable of faggots you can count on for service on demand. This will set you up for the future when you have your own place and they can serve you there (even full time if you’d like).
I’m so excited for you to start this incredible journey into your Alphahood, Sir! You are one of the few Men chosen by Nature to rule. Never take this divine commission for granted, Sir! Good luck, and please keep in touch!  

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