hey sam. two years ago when I was 23 I finally stopped pretending I’m not gay and a faggot I came out, started to have sex with men and embraced my faggotness. almost exactly a year ago I met this 29 year old man who claimed to be an alpha. He was physically fit. Anyway we met, we were having sex and suddenly he became really violent both physically and verbally. he was hurting me so i asked him to stop but he kept telling me to “take it bitch” eventually I got out of the bed and he became livid he kept shouting at me and he grabbed this ceramic vase and he threw at me hitting the side of my head. I didn’t bleed much so I thought it wasn’t that bad. the next day I started to have major headaches I went to the doctor and he did a CT scan and the doctor told me i have some sort of bleeding. They operated on me and it took me a long time to heal. I’d like to think the physical damage is over but I still suffer with the psychological effects of what happened. I started to have fears and anxieties especially when approaching men. This has destroyed my sex life. I’m in therapy now I haven’t told her about the faggot alpha thing I’m certain she won’t get it. My question to you is, is this common in the fag alpha world? are we supposed to be attacked and assaulted? because if this is the deal I’m not so sure I’m up for it. I’m a faggot I’ll always be a faggot but if this is how it’s done, who’s to say next time it won’t be a knife or a gun or some homicidal maniac who will stuff me in the freezer. It’s just scary. Is there some vetting technique or procedure before hooking up with alphas to lessen the risk? thank you brother. HECTOR  

Brother, I’m so sorry this happened to you! What a horrifying experience! 
NO, this is NOT how things are supposed to go between Alphas and faggots! It is NOT alright that he attacked you! Fortunately, the vast majority of Alphas have enough control over their rage that they would never do something so harmful to a faggot (or any lesser creature), but there’s always that one psychologically-unbalanced person out there in the bunch. You were the unlucky faggot who happened to be the one who found that guy (who rightfully should be in jail). 
We all deal with attacks in our own way, I suppose. After my rape I did the opposite of you – I really went on a tear of whoring myself out. I look back at it now and can see that it was a desire to self-destruct motivating my actions, but at the time it was the only way I could drown out the fear and anger. You just do what you can to heal. There are no “right” answers for that. It’s whatever your heart needs.
But trust me – there are good Alphas (even GREAT ones) out there who will cherish you and protect you. Don’t close yourself off from fulfillment just because you had a terrible experience. If you do, you let his terrorization beat you in an even more destructive way – inside. 
Sadly, I don’t think there are foolproof ways to vet Alphas in order to completely avoid the bad apples in the bunch. Meeting in public places and getting to know them a bit first certainly help. But ultimately we faggots are kindling to the fire. We sacrifice ourselves in order to be useful to greater Men. All we can hope to do is burn very brightly. 

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