Hi. Something I want to ask about. It doesnt have to do with power but with cock. I was in the Dallas area on business. If you have ever been there, its sort of spread out. I ended up finding this adult bookstore with a video arcade and glory holes. I was surprised that a lot of the men were not creepy but average to hot looking. I slipped into this coma, thats how I describe it and ended up servicing 6 cocks. I left ruined and elated to have participated. Disgusting. And hot! I have to be nuts.

I’m sorry … is there a question in here anywhere? 

Cock hunger is a real thing. When you’re really starving for it, you almost become a ravenous zombie until you get your next taste of it. Men should be grateful that faggot cocksuckers get like this, because there will never be a shortage of open, eager holes for them to fuck.

Congratulations on your hot day at the bookstore! 

SIDE NOTE: Why are these gloryhole/video rooms always in bookstores??