Hi Sam. Tonight I was drinking at a bar (walking distance from my place) when I heard 2 guys sitting behind me. Just from their voices alone, I could tell they were Alpha Males. Especially when they started describing one of their friends as a “sheep” and how they dont respect what a spineless pussy he is. It turned me on so much.
Anyway, eventually they got on a topic that I knew about, so I spun around and introduced myself. We had a great chat (they ended up being 22 and 23 years old, and I am 25), and they truly did exude complete masculinity and Alphahood. I knew they werent staying though, because earlier I noticed one of them ordered beers but declined to start a tab. So eventually, they said goodbye. They even gave me the typical “bro” handshake, with the open palm and then you twist to just cup the fingers. It seems like all straight men know this handshake.
My question is…do you have any advice for possibly propositioning in this scenario? Even though I could tell I had pleased them and they acknowledged me…they still just left and I had no idea if I had a chance or not. I think I did, the really hot one was talking about how lonely he was in his new town for his new job. But I feel like if they actually did have any interest in me (as a friend or whatever), they would’ve invited me along with them. Maybe I’m overthinking it but…could I have capitalized  further in this opportunity?

Hi brother! First of all, I commend you for subtly integrating yourself into their conversation! That’s the huge first step that many faggots struggle to overcome! 
I think you missed a couple of opportunities here. First of all, Offering to pay their tabs or offering to buy them another round would’ve been a good idea. Yes, I know you said you thought they didn’t have a tab running … but it’s the OFFER TO PAY that is important here. It shows submissiveness and a willingness to serve. 
But the main one is this hot Alpha stating that he’s alone there in a new city and lonely. I find this to be an unusual thing for an Alpha to say in a conversation with two other males (one total stranger) at a bar. I think I would’ve offered to show him some of the sights of the city (and pay for everything if he accepts). Perhaps an offer to help him settle into his new place? I dunno … something needed to happen at that point in the conversation.
Here’s the plan: Men are territorial, and they return again and again to places they “claim” as familiar territory. Bars like the one you met them at are often such places. I have a feeling that one or both of those Alphas will return to that bar. You need to start casing the place in order to get another chance to offer yourself. I have done this with some success in the past. 
I’m proud of you for taking the initiative, brother!  Keep up the good work!

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