I had the perfect opportunity to approach him again and again and I failed every single time. It was at the grocery store. He was probably 6’0″, muscular, tatted arms, classic tight shirt and jeans, and I noticed him as I passed the meat aisle. I couldnt take my eyes off him and I got so turned on. Unfortunately, I had to finish my shopping.
I was at the self-checkout with a lot of things and then I saw him circling around looking for a checkout. He ended up coming to the self checkout but on the other side of the aisle. I could barely check out my groceries, but I noticed he had some things but not too many. I finished before him and then I paused just as I was about to exit. He was finishing up scanning items and I realized the perfect opportunity to approach him was right as he was about to pay. I could have offered to pay him. I got nervous because the employee who watches over the checkouts was there, and a couple other customers. But then the rest of the customers left so it was just the employee and the Alpha in the general area. I kept thinking about the “Home Depot Faggot” story you have on the site and realized this was my chance. I saw him scan his last item and I tried so hard to approach him but I FAILED. I cursed myself under my breath as I watched him take out his card and pay. I left to my car defeated and disappointed in myself.

And then as I was putting away my groceries in my car I saw him come out to his pickup truck and start placing the bags in. My fucking god, so fucking handsome. We were pretty far in the parking lot away from the store so there werent too many people around. I took a $100 bill out of my wallet and thought about walking over and asking him how much his groceries were and offering it to him. Then I thought about what you said about being blunt if he asked me why I was doing it and just declaring that hes an Alpha and I’m a faggot and I can do much more for him. But i didnt do it. I watched him put the rest of his stuff away, put his cart back, and drive away. I got into my car and screamed and yelled at myself. I was so close Sam. I just didnt have the courage.
I dont believe I’ll ever have the courage to approach/find an Alpha. I’ll never figure out if this is truly my destiny because I’m just too scared and shy. I had every perfect chance and it seemed like the universe wanted me to do it…and I fucking blew it. I’m not strong enough. Alphas are so intimidating. I’m so disappointed
in myself.

Don’t feel bad, brother! My goodness, your instincts were wonderful! You recognized the opportunities available in the moment, and came up with action plans in the moment! Awareness is half the battle AT LEAST! 
I wish all faggots were as serious as you about this truth inside of you! 
Just know that these little mental steps lead to huge leaps in action! You’re on your way! Just build up your resolve more and more and come up with ways you can offer service on the spot just like you did! And also, I would make note of the time and day this particular Alpha was at the grocery store … weightlifting Alphas often have schedules they adhere to. You might get another chance with this one!
Anyway, don’t be upset with yourself. This is not easy, but you CAN do it! I think you will get there! 

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