Hi Sammy,
My master (47 yo) and I (26 yo) have been seeing each other for about 6 months, this is a new kink for me and he’s helping me explore the lifestyle of being a locked faggot. I don’t want to sound needy or whiny with this question, I hope this doesn’t come across that way and I love your advice!
As our relationship has evolved he is keeping me locked 24/7 and I’m no longer allowed to masturbate anally. My master is very open with his masturbation and does it in the shower, or in front of me often. I realize this is a demonstration of his masculinity, and I love it. He gets very upset if I orgasm, even during sex too, he prefers I milk/drip but never reach full orgasm. I’ve asked him a few times if I can have a dildo to masturbate when he is gone, but the answer was a sharp no.
I enjoy when he is breeding me, i feel complete and satisfied (even if I don’t orgasm). Is it really so bad if I want to masturbate? Is the idea of pussy masturbation off limits?

I understand your frustration, brother. However, your Master is trying to break you of deep-rooted dependence on masturbation. He wants you to instead focus on the pleasure his cock provides you, and wants you to yearn for it when he’s away. 
I would ask Master if it would be okay if he milked your prostate. That way you’d get some relief while under direct supervision and manipulation of your owner. It’s healthy for younger faggots to be milked and/or allowed to cum periodically. He really should consider this possibility going forward. 
But you have been a good boy in remaining obedient for this long. I commend you!

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