I’m a faggot that primarily sucks cock. Sometimes I’ll go to a cruising area and service several men, often two or three at a time. I don’t undress, but I do wear jockstraps generally. Recently I had a man turn me around and tug me jeans down. He was wet from my throat but I didn’t want to be fucked as I wasn’t prepped and asked him to please not to fuck me and he backed down and said he didn’t want to force me. But he was clearly annoyed and walked away so I felt some shame in failing to perform. I was glad to avoid getting fucked. I do however, understand the concept of implied consent, and I’m wondering if I should douche in case I can’t talk a guy down next time.

Yes, brother, you absolutely need to douche thoroughly and prepare yourself just as meticulously for cruising as you would if you were preparing yourself for your Owner. In my early days of cruising, I learned pretty quickly that Men will surprise you with how quickly their moods and intentions can change once you get them going. 
And why wouldn’t they expect that? After all, you’re the one on your knees servicing their cock. In their eyes, you are just a tool to use to get off, so why shouldn’t the ass be just as available as the mouth? 
Yes, cleanout is a pain. But if you’re going to put yourself in that situation, it’s really your responsibility to be ready to completely satisfy the Men you pick up through cruising. Offering just your mouth in such situations is like offering guests only the side dishes but none of the succulent main course. 
Have your pussy clean every time you cruise! 

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