I met a hung dad who is not my type at all. There is definitely a fatherly component to it. I am what you would call a twink. I met him at a picnic and we talked about biking. He said he had a motorcycle and asked if I wanted to see it. So I went to his house, everything is very polite, offered me iced tea, etc. Then he said he thought I would be better suited to undress and get on my knees. Lol. It was awkward but I did it. Soon Im sucking his cock and he is tapping my face with it. Just crazy

ALPHA! Woooo boyyyyy … it’s breathtaking when Alphas use their confidence to simply lay their cards on the table in a way that other Men never would. 

Even more significantly, your experience once again illustrates the peculiar power Alphas have to sniff out faggots and claim them. How do Alphas know this even before the faggot knows this about itself? It’s truly like magic.

I’m glad this Daddy Alpha took control of you and gave you an experience you are unlikely to forget anytime soon! Hopefully it has awakened within you a renewed purpose in your life!