So I was pretty sure I was a faggot, all the signs are there. I’m a total bottom, I love to service and give myself to strong, confident, powerful men. I’m constantly searching for Alphas. I get so turned on by powerful masculine men.
But I look back at my…erm…”conquests”…and things just dont sit right with me. The majority of men I’ve hooked up with are constantly falling in love with me (theres no other way to say it). Like I know how to make men feel good, cause duh I have a dick of my own and I know what would feel good. But seriously, it could be the first meeting and I’m just kissing their neck, rubbing their crotch, whispering what they wanna hear (“you’re so manly”, “love your hairy body”, etc.) and inevitably they let the “I love you” slip out of their mouths. The FIRST meeting! Even if they have wives and girlfriends (ESPECIALLY if they do).
It completely takes me out of the moment. I choose to meet these men because they are supposed to be dominant total tops who take charge. And sometimes they do. But I can just tell I’m running the show, ya know? This has been going on for almost a decade! My entire career of searching for these men and it seems like its THEM that want to fall to their knees and worship ME? Am I just really good at this or something?
I’ve had men do things for me. I had them buy me alcohol when I was under 21 (never paid them back). I’ve had them give me rides to places. When I didnt have a car, I convinced so many men to BUY A HOTEL ROOM and PICK ME UP AND DROP ME OFF. Isn’t that my job? How am I so good at manipulating them?
And the most confusing part…is that I like it. I like my control over them. I like seeing how far I can go and how much I can push them to do things for me. Or I tell them they’re gonna fuck me long and hard but when the time comes I convince them just to make out and cuddle, just to see if I can. Sometimes when I was younger, I even played up the “broke college student who cant afford textbooks” type (I had enough money on my own) and several of them offered me money. I gladly took it and marveled at my…power over them?
I dont know Sam. All these men and I’ve never once met my match, they’ve all fallen for my “spell”. What do you think? Am I not truly a faggot? Am I secretly some weird kind of Alpha? Nowadays I can just tell when a guy is already falling for me, even through text before our first meeting. And I toy with them so much because its fun to watch them get nervous or squirm. Are men just that desperate? I would appreciate any advice.

Well, congratulations on being the Catherine Tramell of faggots, I guess (let’s see how many people get that reference). To clear up one thing, no you are not some sort of weird Alpha. You’re a faggot who is skilled at seduction (I don’t know what you look like, but I’m guessing you’re pretty attractive) and you’ve been snaring weak Men led by their dicks. It’s a common theme throughout the history of Mankind. I do think it’s a shame that you’ve allowed this success to go to your head and turned you into some egomaniacal cock tease. I’m sure there are plenty of Alphas in my audience who would love to break you of your impudent attitude. 

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