I bought “May I Serve You, Sir?” Great book. There’s a friend of a friend that I want to serve. He’s so fucking beautiful. I’ve been thinking about him daily for about a year now. I’m really hoping he’ll be open to my service.
But I’m not an “out and proud” faggot, and I could make things super weird for our friendship circle. He casually saw my female friend and she wanted more but he didnt. She cannot know I want to serve him. So I was thinking about anonymously slipping him your book so he can read for himself and contact me if he’s interested. If he is interested, I’ll obviously reveal myself to him. It’ll be awkward but okay.
We have parties scheduled by mutual friends for two different dates this month. I’m thinking about printing some pages and leaving it like on the windshield of his car or something. I’m not really sure how else to discreetly give it to him since I dont know his real address and I dont want to embarrass him or something. I dont think I can print the whole book and leave it for him like that, so I’m thinking of the essential pages, like your info, the Hierarchy overview, and some of the testimonials. Does this sound like a good idea? Do you have any other ideas on how to slip your book to an Alpha to gauge interest? Thanks!

I appreciate your situation, and I also like your idea to use the book “May I Serve You, Sir?” the way I intended it to be used (mostly). Short of actually offering yourself for service (always my preferred method), your approach is the best way under these circumstances. 
I really don’t know if it’s wise to separate the book into parts since I wrote it to flow from chapter to chapter and draw the Alpha into the truth at the center of Hierarchy. But if you can only give him parts, then so be it. Just make sure you staple them together. 
II just think you need to accept the fact that the only way you can serve this Man is to stop hiding and embrace your truth. You know it as well as I do. So get your mind prepared for the moment of truth. 

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