Hi. I am A Feminine slut/fag, i love strong men, love alphas, love there bodies etc.. I Believe in love would love to settle with a Alpha and maybe have kids and be his “Good Little Wife” But there is a side of me that enjoys to be bred and seeded, fucked plowed , kissed touched and used by as many alphas at one time, to get my fag pussy plowed with there superior strong life giving seed . Just one guy after the other and still want more sperm inside me. Is this natural to feel and want both these contrasting things? If you can answer this for me fags and Sirs Your input or view would be Appreciated.

Yes, many faggots have such conflicting emotions. Sometimes a faggot will find an Alpha who can fulfill both sides (think: Jamie and Master Dino), but overall I consider that rare. I honestly think that any faggot needs to personally live more in the moment and worry less about dreams about a perfect situation. 

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