Hello, I’ve met this “straight” guy  on grindr whom I am 100% sure he go to the same school.  We talked and he asked me to fuck him  because he has this urges that he gets fucked by a man that’s why he was in this app ,which I would like to make him my little bitch  but in the other half I think it would be weird because I know his girlfriend and him  but still I won’t mind fuck his brains out. However, he blocked and I’m thinking if I should text him on Instagram and said that it was me on the app what do you think? 

Sir, I definitely think you should text him. You should come out and tell him that you know who he is and that he’s perfectly safe. Tell him you know what he really needs. Alternatively, you could approach him directly and order him to get on his knees. You already know what he is, so why hold back?

I will tell you that you are dealing with a scared faggot deep in the closet, and what he really needs is a Man like you to take him and help him accept the truth. As an Alpha, you have that power. Good luck, Sir!

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