Hello, I am not sure how to start talking about this because I have hardly spoken to anyone about these thoughts and desires. I have spoken to my male partner a bit about this but I need some outside advice. 
Me and my partner have been together a year and a half. We are engaged and plan to spend the rest of our lives together. He has always been a top and never had interest in being a bottom. When I first got together with him this was new for me because the relationship I had previously I was basically a total top.. but I was never happy in this relationship and I hated being a top. I LOVE to be bottom. After I took his big cock inside me the first time I knew that is all I wanted. I discovered Fags Worship Alphas because I found he had been looking at this stuff a lot on his own. When I discovered this I was very excited. Especially looking at chastity. When I talked to him about this he was very supportive in me doing what I wanted but also seemed to not express to much excitement or interest in the chastity thing.. so I dropped it. I feel like he has the alpha drive inside of him but I just want him to bring it out more especially involving our sex life. I want him to be more of the alpha that he wants to be. And I want him to want me in a cage. I want him to enforce it and take control. How do I help make this happen? I love this man and want to spend the rest of my life with him. All of this stuff works still when your in love right? 

Boy, I get these kinds of questions fairly regularly. I’m always wary about answering them because I know one thing to be Hierarchically true: we cannot force someone to be Alpha or faggot if it’s not already in them. It’s very easy for us to see what we want to see in someone else, but we can’t force our viewpoint on them and force them to do something unnatural to them  

But since you said you feel this is in him (and also that he’s been reading this site), let’s try it.  

First and foremost, this is always my first recommendation to any faggot trying to trigger male dominance: focus on their feet and positioning yourself down at foot level. That means kneeling to greet him at the door and kissing his feet. That means kneeling beside him while he eats his meal. That means sitting or kneeling at his feet while he watches TV. That means regularly massaging his feet or pampering his feet. WORSHIP HIS FEET.   

Beyond that, from now on you are a full-time domestic faggot. You cook his meals, clean his home, do his laundry, detail his car, everything. You ask his permission to go to the bathroom, and thank him. When he’s ready for bed, ask him if there is anything he needs. Thank him for allowing you to serve him.    These things should help him to see you as his dog rather than an equal. A possession. This is very important, because this is how we get him to change and accept his Alphahood more fully. I suspect you will see a dramatic difference in the way he fucks you once you start implementing these changes.   

Keep in touch and let me know how it’s going.     

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